Embedded Hardware Design Engineer

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Vispala Technologies, a Kolkata-based, venture-funded, Medtech startup focusing on affordable prosthetics, is urgently seeking a Embedded Design Engineer.


  • Hands on experience in 8/16/32 bit Micro-controller based Hardware design, Prototype development.

  • Good knowledge on Analog and Digital circuit design. Soldering and Component assembly.

  • Must be familiar with Electronics components. Active and Passive.

  • Should be Familiar with Microcontroller peripheral interface like SPI, I2C, RS232, USB, EEPROM, PWM, ADC, etc 

  • Hands-on experience on Printed circuit board.(PCB design),like Schematic, Layout and Gerber creation.

  • Should be familiar with ORCAD,PROTEUS and Electronics design tools.

  • Hands on experience on Battery operated product design.

  • Understanding of sensors & electronics components    

  • Operating Knowledge required of  Electronics instruments, like Multimeter, DSO etc.

  • Should be familiar with EMC-EMI.

  • Candidates must have an educational background with a specialization in Electronics & Communication/Electronics.

Relevant Experience: 2-3years

About the Company

With a vision to create successful products with world-class benchmarks but with local considerations in mind, Vispala Technologies has proven its dedication to extremely efficient and affordable wearable assistive technology for people with upper limb mobility impairment.

Based in Kolkata, India, Vispala Technologies are committed to delivering the best value-based design and technology enabling human mobility - primarily in prosthetic devices, 3D-printed sockets and covers for prosthesis and assistive robotics.

Our scope looks beyond just functionality: we consider how persons who have undergone amputations often face psychological stigma when seen by societies as people who are incomplete. Through our various products and expertise in 3D printing for orthotics and prosthetics, we restore dignity to individuals and help them live their lives to the full, without prejudice.

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