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Motorized Hand Prosthesis

Flexibility with Effortless Motion.


AtriEx is a electronic motorized upper-arm prosthetic with multiple modes of actuation. AtriEx is lightest in its class, offering long-lasting battery power and multiple degrees of motion

Unique Features


Natural and Graceful

At 433 gm (with battery) AtriEx usage places minimal burden on the user.

Best in Class Hold Capability

Users may grasp objects at any open position with a max diameter of 95 mm.

Patented Design

Aesthetic design, unrivaled usability, low power consumption based on extensive user-centric R&D.

Multiple Actuation Modes

Easily actuated by EMG muscle sensor or shoulder-mounted switch


Informative display panel.


AtriEx combines functionality, beauty, durability, and quality.

Electronic Circuit
Electronic Wires
Computer Processor


Discover how Vispala users learned to live life beyond the ordinary.

  • Technical Specifications
    Gross Weight - 238gms Max Opening Dia - 72mm Min Closing Dia - 34mm Full Length - 190mm
  • Maximum Static Load Carrying
    Upto 10kgs
  • Standard Kit and Accesories
    Quick Snap Fit with Wrist Unit 12 Stage 360 D Rotational Wrist Unit Figure 9 Harness with Accesories PVC and Silicone Gloves Available
  • Downloads
    User Manual Brochure
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