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Commencing a new life and a journey towards independence with 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Sujit Das was a young man living a simple life in Uttarpara, Howrah. He used to work in a corporate setup as a tele-caller. He had dreams to give his family a sustainable living and enjoy life to the fullest. He had aspirations to travel the world and explore new opportunities. His career was going steady and progressive. His efforts, dedication, and talent were highly appreciated in his office. Everything was going on smoothly until he met with a major electrical accident in 2012. The massive accident turned his world upside and down as he lost his hand due to the impact of electric shock. The accident shattered his dreams and made him question his capabilities. His dream of having a bright future, a successful career, and enjoying the best of life were all blurred and vague now. The challenges were many; right from depression to physical inability, Sujit was unsure how to combat this situation and emerge powerfully.

Soon, he started researching amputation and prosthetics. He was now confident and accepting about his condition. During his research and study, Sujit came across Vispala, a professional company known for providing 3D printed prosthetic hands for amputees. He approached them, narrated his story, describing his need to be self-independent. The Vispala team explained the new age prosthetic hand to him and its ability to eliminate physical powerlessness.

Vispala manufactured a customized Prosthetic Hand for Sujit who was overwhelmed with his new independence and strength because of the prosthetic hand.

The prosthetic hand made it convenient for Sujit to perform an array of tasks such as office work, operating computer systems, bicycling, drinking, eating, traveling, and even playing sports. The prosthetic hand was his new companion. It transformed his life and enabled him to live with pride.

The flexibility of the prosthetic limb and movable wrist allowed Sujit perform his daily tasks efficiently. The lightweight hand was easy to fit and did not cause sweating. He could not only perform his office work with utmost ease but he could work and operate a computer efficiently without stress or discomfort.

The prosthetic limb made it possible for Sujit to embrace a happy professional and personal life. “Thanks to Vispala for developing such a revolutionary product," says Sujit. "The prosthetic hand is now a part of my routine, the ergonomic lightweight device is user-friendly and does not cause any irritation. Now I can eat, drink, do many daily activities without any hindrance. The affordable 3d printed hand is a blessing for me. The excellent wrist movement, superior grip control, and comfortable fit of prosthetic limb transformed my life completely. I feel more confident and independent!”


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