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Finding boundless joy in every step.

Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic in Kolkata

Welcome to Vispala Mobility Centre - a top artificial limb clinic in Kolkata where we deliver advanced customized prosthetic and orthotic solutions.


Our team blends traditional skills with modern technology to design unique devices that restore mobility and confidence in our clients. Our experienced practitioners from top institutes work closely with clients to understand their needs.

What makes us different is our transparent pricing. We believe in clear communication about costs from the start so that clients can make informed decisions. Our goal is to empower individuals to live life to the fullest, no matter their physical challenges. With Vispala, they can expect personalized solutions that fit their lifestyle and needs.


Success Stories


Combined Years of Clinical Experience
Prosthetic Solutions by Level

Below Knee

Above Knee

Partial Foot


Above Elbow

Below Elbow

Partial Hand

Custom bracing and support solutions

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Knee Orthosis

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

SMO (supra malleolar orthosis)

Spinal Brace

Foot Insoles

Diabetic Foot

Why choose Vispala Mobility Clinic
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Passion with Heart

We are blending technology and empathy for life-changing and meaningful solutions, restoring mobility and dignity with every innovation.

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Perfect Fusion

We combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art digital manufacturing processes to create innovative prosthetic and orthotic devices.

Transparency and Open Communication

At Vispala, transparency is paramount. We openly communicate pricing factors, fostering trust and ensuring clients make informed decisions confidently.

Girl calling Vispala from Home

Vispala home visit

Do you or a loved one have a condition that stops you from leaving the house alone?

At Vispala, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life with unrestrited mobility, which is why our home visits services don’t just stop at identifying perfect prosthetic or orthotic solutions.


Our team certified prosthetist and orthotist offer a complete mobility care service, for those that might find it difficult to make it into a store.

Seeing is Believing

Visit Vispala Mobility Centre for complete prosthetic and orthotic solutions in Kolkata Today!


“Made Carbon Fiber Ankle Foot Orthosis and flat foot insole, the service and quality is awesome, I really recommend Vispala."


"With my new above knee prosthetic leg, now I am leading a normal life. Thank you Vispala for giving my life back."


“Exceptional craftmanship and attention to detail! my cosmetic finger prosthesis by Vispala looks incredibly realistic.
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