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Precision Controlled Grip with Ease.

iGrip Body Powered Hand Prosthesis
Whats is iGrip

iGrip is a voluntary-closing, body-powered, below-elbow prosthetic system. iGrip provides superior mechanical advantage, and performance, and requires minimal force to operate.

Why Voluntary Closing

Superior Performance
Voluntary closing terminal devices offer superior performance to the limb deficient.

Quick Adaptability
Training is no more difficult with voluntary closing; gripping force range is expanded and directly proportional to output.

Intuitive Operation
Voluntary closed terminal devices offers intuitive operation, accurately controllable pinch force, and inherently good quality feedback of force and motion.

Assist in  Muscle Growth
Muscles of the torso and limb are used more actively.  Healthy, and strong muscles can only  enhance externally powered control and utilization.

Superior Gripping 
Voluntary closing systems can achieve gripping prehension which equals or exceeds user’s anatomical capabilities.

Unique Features

igrip 2023.153.png

Voluntary Closing 

Designed for controlled griping and superior force transmission.

Light-weighted and Sleek

At 345gm iGrip requires minimal muscular effor during locomotion.

High Opening Diameter

Prosthetic user can grasp object with ease thanks to high opening dia of 72mm.

Unique Position Control Switch

Continuous holding is possible with position-locking switch.

iGrip is designed to endure toughest conditions, and it is proven!
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