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Electronic Hand Prosthesis Simplified.

The all-new AtriEx Electronic Upper Limb Terminal Device is an advanced electric prosthetic hand offering intuitive control. Works with or without sEMG.

Quick & Easy Fitments

All Day Battery

Multiple Control 

Constructed with

Aircraft-Grade Aluminium

Gradient Background


AtriEX has two control options to choose from:

VAC Switch


VAC (Voluntary Access Control) is a wireless trans-linear actuation device and an excellent substitute for sEMG sensors.

It is easily adaptable and requires less maintenance and training.

VAC promises to deliver comparable outcomes to traditional Myo-Electric switch and is especially useful for hand prosthetic users living in tropical climates or with low sEMG signal strength

Surface electromyography (sEMG) detects muscle activity non-invasively for prosthetic hand control.

Electrodes on the skin pick up muscle signals, allowing intuitive prosthetic movements based on user thought.


Real-time feedback and signal processing advancements enhance precision and natural interaction, fostering autonomy for users with upper limb loss.

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EMG Pic. 1.png
  • Users are able to grasp objects at any open position up to a max diameter of 95 mm.

  • Aesthetic design, unrivaled usability, low power consumption, based on extensive user-centric R&D.

  • At 433 gm (with battery) AtriEx usage places minimal burden on the user.

  • Easily actuated by EMG muscle sensors or a shoulder-mounted switch, AtriEx also comes with an informative display panel.

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