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How can digitalization help leverage your prosthetics and orthotics business?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Digitalization has brought a massive shift in the healthcare sector. It facilitates the accessibility of medical records and resources to patients and their physicians in real-time.

However, not even a fraction of healthcare businesses have adopted digital transformation in India.


This is primarily due to a lack of a flexible and risk-taking mindset of the healthcare business owners who are reluctant to switch to digitalization. It is important to loosen the hold of behind-the-times business processes and to believe that incorporating digital strategies will offer great benefits such as advanced healthcare at a reduced cost.

Creating a web portal is a reliable medium to provide on-demand healthcare services to patients so that they can research doctors, prosthetists, medical services, clinics, even medicines, and book prosthetist appointments.

Here are some ideas for medical service providers to implement digital healthcare.

1. Sign up for your website in the Google My Business tool. It is a free tool that allows business owners to leverage their online presence across Google, involving Search and Maps.

2. Use keyword research tools such as and to locate keywords.

They help you understand your target audience and find what keywords they are searching for to drive traffic to your website.

3. Use SEO [Search Engine Optimization] Toolkits such as Semrush for competitive research, and to optimize your website, secure leads, and convert them to clients. It helps you bring in qualified traffic and boost your sales.

4. Organize digital campaigns to create brand awareness, generate leads, which you can follow up to close sales. Communicate with customers through emails and phone calls to keep them in the loop. Bulk email, newsletters are another way to reveal new products and provide updates related to your healthcare services. People search for healthy lifestyle recommendations. Use emails to send tips and facts that help them take care of their health.

5. Medical chatbots, which are AI-based conversation software, reduce communication challenges by answering customer queries, scheduling consultations, sending notifications, and automating data entry. They are helpful in engaging a conversation with an user for fulfilling the sole aim of providing excellent real-time patient assistance. Healthcare companies can deploy Big Data to understand the marketing dynamics and strategize to create an ideal customer persona. Big Data software such as Hadoop is used to analyze and process data from large data sets giving meaningful and actionable information that delivers better patient care.

Digitalization is bringing positive transformation in healthcare. It optimizes the healthcare system by streamlining workflow, reducing errors and costs, and delivering better health outcomes.

Health in your hands. Isn’t this fulfilling? Align your business strategies to create products and services that help people heal.


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