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Overcoming disability with confidence and independence.

Kipa Sonu is a mine worker in Sango village in Kurung Kumey district of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.

He met with an accident in 2020 when he was fitting an explosive to blast stone at a construction site. While he was fitting the device the bomb detonated, and Kipa lost both his hands and an eye as a result.

The mishap caused him mobility issues and shattered his life.

Kipa consulted a prosthetist in Arunachal, and received a custom 3D-printed Vispala prosthetic device, iGrip, to rectify his impairment.

Ergonomic features of the body-powered prostheses like three-finger grip, voluntary closing system, and auto-locking switch made it possible for Kipa to regain upper arm use. Soon he took command of his life and made a new beginning.

“My thanks to Vispala for giving me the freedom to run my grocery store independently,” said Kipa.

“I had almost lost hope. However, the Vispala iGrip helped me to get back to a normal life. I no longer feel less of myself. Now I can perform everyday tasks easier and earn a decent livelihood for my family and loved ones”



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