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Vispala wins AM Ventures 2021 Impact Award

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Vispala Technologies has won the AM Ventures Impact Award 2021 for impacting the lives of disabled people with its 3D printed hand prosthesis iGrip.

Kolkata – October 25, 2021- Vispala Technologies is happy to announce it's winning the AM Ventures Impact Award 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany. This significant award was conferred to Vispala for its continuous healthcare initiatives in deploying innovative technologies to help victims of trauma, armed conflict, disease and birth defects.

The award was presented at, the Formnext Start-up Challenge recognizing young companies with less than five years of, based on their unique business ideas and technological advancement.

This year’s winner, Vispala Technologies, impressed AM Ventures with its use of 3D printing to provide a highly functional and aesthetically appealing prosthetic product called iGrip. Vispala is a leader in manufacturing 3D printed artificial limbs, prosthetic sockets, and prosthetic covers for people with disabilities. Vispala’s iGrip is an affordable, lightweight body-powered hand prosthesis that helps patients perform work related to their daily living.

"The ever-increasing quality and focused development of young enterprises show great potential within the AM industry and highlight the fact that the sector produces critical developments that in future will influence our industry, medicine, and other areas of life," said Sascha F. Wenzler, Vice President of Formnext. "We are delighted to recognize Vispala for designing and crafting an advanced prosthetic device iGrip that enables people with disabilities to overcome their mobility issues with ease and welcome self-independence," Mr. Wenzler added.

"We are proud of our team and overjoyed to be honored with the AM Ventures Impact Award 2021. We at Vispala are taking on the challenge to modernize the prosthetics sector through technology and innovation and restore 50% or more livelihood capability to users with comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solutions," said Dipak Basu, CEO of Vispala Technologies. "Simultaneously, we are building a sustainable social enterprise to scale up our work."



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