Lightweight and Low-cost

The world's lightest artificial hand at 170 grams, this entry level product contains a revolutionary opening design that requires low operating force and has a locking mechanism.

The iGrip hand is a best-in-market product for strength, reliability, ease-of-use and affordability.


Motorized for Least Effort

In addition to three input choices (shoulder actuated switch, wrist rotation, or both), the eFlex hand offers patients a self-locking capability and an all-day rechargeable battery.

eFlex applies breakthrough 3D design and printing technology to offer the convenience and flexibility of a myoelectric hand at a dramatically reduced cost.


Advanced Aesthetic Design

A user-friendly product with an attractive look and feel and multiple degrees of freedom, the mFlex hand has a special thumb-flex design for unparalleled power and the robustness to carry a 10 kilogram load. Its modular parts are easily replaceable.

Like all Vispala products, mFlex is bio-compatible and comes with skin-tone gloves. Customized sockets are available on demand for all Vispala products.



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