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Vispala Technologies Unveils iGrip –It's First Voluntary- Closing Body-Powered Hand Prosthesis

7th August 2021, Kolkata, India: Vispala is a leading medical technology company headquartered in Kolkata, India. Vispala offers advanced, efficient, and affordable hand prosthetic devices for people with upper limb disabilities. The Company has named its new body-powered hand prosthesis as iGrip.

Apart from iGrip, Vispala is developing an array of products (3D Printed Sockets and Covers for Prosthesis and Assistive Robotics) for people with upper limb mobility impairment. Designed with top-notch quality and 3D printing technology, iGrip assists amputees to fulfill individual goals like returning to work, becoming independent, and earning a livelihood.

As per sources, iGrip will boost the self-confidence of people suffering from limb loss due to multiple reasons.

In a world population of approximately 6.7 billion, there are around 4.3 million amputees. They are the survivors of road accidents or industrial mishaps, diabetes, or birth defects. More than two lakhs of amputation operations are performed annually in India, but very few amputees receive proper medical care. People cannot afford prosthetic devices due to their high price. To address this problem, the team Vispala has developed iGrip to broaden the access of prosthetic limbs and deliver low-cost, easy-to-use solutions, to improve the living standard of amputees.

Vispala iGrip is a voluntary-closing system and an ultralight device that gives superior gripping control. The user-friendly and ergonomic product is easy to maintain and comes with great load capacity.

Furthermore, the company is focusing on developing countries of Asia, Africa, and South America to market its products. The reason behind focusing on this market is that the “Majority of 85% people living in these countries are not capable of purchasing expensive limb devices and other supporting products available to them Vispala has identified this need, and aim to serve people of these regions in the best possible way.”

The five-finger prosthetics device provides an easy gripping facility to the users. iGrip provides a wide opening diameter of 72 mm that assists the user with getting a handle on objects effectively. The product provides an auto-locking mechanism that keeps it in a closed position and assists users with holding objects for an extensive stretch without additional exertion. The hand can lift to 10 kg weight. iGrip body harnesses are skin-friendly and offer effective and comfortable prosthesis control for users, thus preventing skin irritation and burning after prolonged usage.

The prosthetic socket can be customized by the Vispala team, considering the serviceability, accessibility, and affordability of the target group in mind.

On the occasion of the launch of iGrip, Mr. Dipak Basu, CEO of Vispala, said –

"I am thrilled at this moment. Our team has worked very hard for two years to develop a comfortable, affordable, lightweight prosthesis. We dedicate this breakthrough product to people suffering from limb issues. At Vispala, our dream is to serve the community with cutting-edge prosthetic solutions that are strategically crafted to serve our customers.

For more details, please visit – or contact +913346043155 or email


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